10 Things You Can Do With Google Slides

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As acold arsenic creation and position devices go, PowerPoint, Canva, and Keynote are nan astir well-known. But there’s 1 versatile instrumentality that gets very small press—Google Slides.

Not only is Google Slides free to use, but it’s besides highly convenient. Its real-time collaboration capability, creation features, and user-friendly interface make it a awesome prime for master and imaginative uses. If you’re not excessively acquainted pinch Google Slides, here’s a speedy breakdown of a fewer things you tin do pinch nan tool.

1. Create a Presentation for Work aliases School

A group of students moving connected a position for school

Google Slides is an fantabulous instrumentality for creating visually appealing presentations that are informative and engaging. You get to take from galore professionally designed templates aliases create your ain position from scratch.

The level besides supports various multimedia, including photos, videos, and GIFs, and you tin easy merge your position into Docs aliases Sheets.

The champion portion is that you’ll ever person entree to each your edits utilizing nan type history feature, which intends you tin remainder easy knowing that you tin ever revert to a erstwhile type of your position aliases position each nan changes you've made since you started moving connected your project.

2. Redecorate Your Home

If you’re considering redecorating your abstraction aliases moreover conscionable a room successful your house, utilizing online design and decorating platforms tin thief you debar relying connected conscionable your imagination earlier making an costly investment. Google Slides, successful this case, tin beryllium nan cleanable instrumentality to play astir pinch different creation choices, furnishings layouts, and colour choices.

For instance, you tin activity pinch Shapes connected Google Slides to create makeshift furniture. Similarly, if you want to research pinch accent colors for your walls, effort utilizing different hex colour codes connected slides until you find thing you for illustration and that you’re judge will activity successful your home.

3. Plan a Vacation

Google Slides tin importantly simplify nan process of creating a recreation itinerary. All you request to do is find an itinerary template that features predefined sections for you to input cardinal details, for illustration your recreation dates, locations, imaginable events, and photos. If you prefer, however, you tin besides creation your ain civilization template.

Once you’re done creating your presentation, you tin either download it aliases stock it online pinch your friends and family if you’d for illustration to person their input. Thanks to Google Slides’ online collaboration capability, nan group you stock it pinch will beryllium capable to adhd their notes and feedback aliases moreover make changes.

4. Teach a Class

An coach presenting to a class

Google Slides is 1 of nan champion devices retired location for creating interactive presentations that will prosecute your students. With a action of free templates, unrecorded captions, speaker notes, and an easy-to-use presenter view, you’ll beryllium capable to up your position crippled acknowledgment to Google Slides.

A unsocial characteristic of Google Slides is that you’re not constricted to utilizing them for in-class presentations. Rather, you tin besides stock them pinch your students, delegate them homework, aliases collaborate connected interactive slides pinch your school assistants.

5. Collaborate connected Group Projects

As successful nan lawsuit of galore Google Workspace tools, Google Slides allows aggregate users to activity connected nan aforesaid task astatine once. This makes it an perfect position instrumentality for group projects aliases squad collaborations.

Unlike immoderate position tools, you person entree to aggregate sharing settings erstwhile you usage Google Slides. So, for instance, you tin take to support your task private, let group to position your task but not edit it, aliases let group to position and edit your work.

6. Make a Memorable Photo Album

A female sorting photos connected her laptop

An fantabulous integer substitute for beingness photograph albums, you tin usage Google Slides to create and stock your favourite photographs pinch your loved ones. All you request to do is adhd pictures to your Drive and insert them into your Slides presentation. You tin besides adhd captions aliases descriptions to each photo, truthful group viewing it astatine a later constituent will person immoderate context.

The champion portion astir utilizing Google Slides arsenic a integer photograph medium is that it allows for easy editing and customization. This gives you nan action to add, remove, aliases rearrange photos, allowing you to update your medium arsenic needed.

7. Build a Portfolio

Whether you request to database your acquisition achievements aliases person a integer abstraction to showcase each nan activity projects you’ve collaborated on, Google Slides is nan cleanable platform.

To get started, each you request to do is usage nan Portfolio template that you’ll spot pre-populated successful your Google Slides template list. Alternatively, you tin besides create your template from scratch; however, nan erstwhile action is undoubtedly easier.

8. Craft an Eye-Catching Resume

Resume placed connected a table

While astir group usage devices for illustration Google Docs and Canva to create resumes, you tin besides create an interactive resume pinch move elements utilizing Google Slides.

Thanks to each nan built-in creation features successful Google Slides, you tin format your resume pinch easiness and create thing that stands out. What’s more, since Google Slides are editable, you tin customize nan existent creation astatine immoderate constituent successful nan early to suit your master capabilities and requirements astatine nan time.

9. Create Flashcards

Flashcards are awesome for representation retention. That said, creating them pinch pen and insubstantial tin beryllium time-consuming and wasteful of resources. The bully news is that you tin usage Google Slides to create integer flashcards quickly.

You tin people retired your flashcards if you want to aliases usage them online. What’s more, you tin besides spell backmost to your Google Slides position and edit nan flashcards if you request to. This is particularly useful if you’re studying thing challenging aliases are school someone.

10. Write a Journal

Journaling has a number of therapeutic benefits. However, an offline diary poses a ton of privateness concerns. Furthermore, it whitethorn not beryllium accessible to you astatine each times. Google Slides, fortunately, tin beryllium an fantabulous integer substitute.

Given that you tin usage it astatine immoderate clip and from anyplace arsenic agelong arsenic you person a unchangeable net connection, you tin usage Google Slides to safely grounds your thoughts, experiences, and reflections.

Leveraging Google Slides’ Built-In Features

Google Slides is undoubtedly 1 of nan astir useful and versatile Google Workspace tools. While it is often overlooked by much celebrated alternatives, nan platform’s integration capacity pinch different Workspace devices and scope of powerful features make it a awesome action for some master and individual projects.

Ultimately, whether it’s for creating winning business presentations aliases designing plans for your bedroom, Google Slides proves to beryllium an indispensable tool.

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