1-minute news: AirPods Pro 2 and EarPods with USB-C connections are official at last

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iPhone pinch USB-C
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What's nan story?

Apple has unveiled an updated type of nan AirPods Pro 2 pinch a USB-C charging port, positive wired Apple EarPods pinch a USB-C connection, astatine nan Apple September Event 2023 connected September 12, 2023 – cheque retired our Apple arena 2023 unrecorded blog for ongoing coverage.

No different updates were announced (aside from an improved IP54 standing to connection further particulate resistance) for nan AirPods Pro 2 aliases EarPods themselves, which intends they're precisely nan aforesaid arsenic nan existing models, isolated from nan move from Lightning to USB-C. Another update arsenic portion of nan move to USB-C is that you tin complaint your AirPods from your iPhone via a cable.  

The value for nan caller AirPods is $249 / £229 / AU$399, which is nan aforesaid value arsenic before, isolated from successful nan UK, wherever they're a small cheaper now. It will beryllium disposable successful stores from September 22, 2023, but you tin pre-order today. We don't yet cognize if you'll beryllium capable to bid nan caller USB-C enabled lawsuit separately for your existent AirPods Pro 2. The caller EarPods costs $19 / £19 / AU$29.

What do I request to cognize astir it?

We weren't expecting location to beryllium galore different announcements astir AirPods astatine nan iPhone 15 motorboat arena based connected rumors, and it looks for illustration those rumors were connected nan money. 

Aside from nan updated USB-C larboard connected nan charging case, nan AirPods Pro 2 and Apple EarPods will clasp each of their existing features. That intends if you bid a caller brace of AirPods Pro 2 aliases EarPods, nan only existent quality you'll find is nan charging port. 

While nan announcement was restricted to nan AirPods Pro 2 and EarPods, rumors person suggested that more AirPods are group to get USB-C, but not until 2024.

Apple EarPods pinch USB-C

(Image credit: Apple )

What do we deliberation of it?

It's awesome to spot Apple's move from Lightning to USB-C for nan iPhone rotation retired to much accessories truthful quickly – we're not large fans of carrying astir aggregate chargers, truthful this is simply a invited update. 

But nan staggered rollout of its modulation to nan cosmopolitan charging modular intends nan remainder of nan best AirPods, which already looked comparatively outdated, are successful request of moreover bigger update, arsenic they now don’t stock nan larboard that nan latest iPhones have.

We're betting that we'll apt perceive astir AirPods Max 2 and a successor to nan AirPods 3 adjacent year, but that's still a agelong wait. But if you haven't bought AirPods Pro 2 aliases EarPods yet – and if you're readying to bargain nan iPhone 15 aliases iPhone 15 Pro, past having nan much cosmopolitan larboard crossed some devices is only a bully thing.

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